New to e-bikes, eZee battery powers off

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New to e-bikes, eZee battery powers off

I just put together my first e-bike using hub motor and battery from

I got the eZee battery and I'm seeing the power just shut off every so often, like a circuit breaker was tripped. Turning the eZee off and on again allows me to continue.

Is there some sort of over-amp protection in the eZee that I need to limit with the CycleAnalyst?
Is the eZee trying to tell me it needs to be charged?
Does the power switch have to be on to charge the eZee?

I'm sorry if I'm posting so many questions like ... a newbie. But there you are. :-)
It's my first foray into electric bikes and I don't have a clue about a lot of the esoterica.

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