Results from adding Upgrade Kit to XM-3500Li

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Results from adding Upgrade Kit to XM-3500Li

I have been asked to post the results from my upgrade on a XM-3500Li and are as follows. I added the Li-ion 16v 40amp battery pac available from BAY SCOOTERS at allanbull [at] in series with the original battery pac for a total of 76v. This is the same battery pac that is available for the XB-500-XB-700Li except more amp. since the pac's have a built in BMS no other electronics are necessary. A 72v charger was used and seems to work good giving it a full charge. The controller was replaced with a 16 mosfet hi-amp model. DC-DC converter was upgraded for the 12v light system. The owner claims much more power and about 10mph more. I cannot verify as that is too fast for me on these little things, but it does have more power. Owner says it may be cles to being comparable to the XM-5000 model but I cant verify that either. Should information regarding how it was done be desired, email me at cruisin [at]

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Re: Results from adding Upgrade Kit to XM-3500Li

I think more details, links to the individual components, and possibly some pictures, if available, would be nice.

Did the new batteries replace the cargo compartment?

The 3500 had 20 LiFePO4 ThunderSky 40 Ah cells, right?

To add 16 volts, you added 4 cells, or 5?

Can you give more details about the BMS and charger used, or at least some links to these items?

Thanks for sharing your upgrade experience.

Cheers, Gary
XM-5000Li, wired for cell voltage measuring and logging.

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