WE BL-36 Controller or Throttle problems?

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On my WE BL-36 I have solid red power light and a constant blinking green light on the controller when the battery 36V battery pack is connected. The battery pack is fully charged with a volmeter reading of about 37.1 volts on the SAE two prong flat connector.

This solid red and blinking green on the controller continues when the throttle is both plugged or unplugged in.
When the throttle is plugged in I get a solid yellow (low ) and solid red (power) but no green (full ) indicator readings on the throttle indicator lights. When the throttle is unplugged the controller remains in the solid red and blinking green mode and the throttle obviously shows no indicator lights at all.

Typically in the past when I plug the bike battery pack to the controller matching battery plug a spark occurs.
This spark is common as I have read and apparently due to rapid capacitor charging in the controller.
But now there is no sparking and just those blinking green and solid red indicator lights on the controller when connected to the battery. And the solid red and yellow on the throttle when connected but still no green.

My intuition seems to think their is a throttle problem either internally or with the fragile plug connectors.
Thinking that the circuit from the throttle to the controller is not being completed and hence a continuous flasshing green and solid red mode on the controller. With the throttle disconnected this is the same result on the controller with a blinking green and a solid red. Leads me to believe that the circuit is not being completed.

I'm not sure why I am no longer getting that spark when the battery pack and controller are connected?

Maybe this has to do with the circuit not be complete also? ....dont know

Your thoughts are appreciated....Thanks...Bud

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Re: WE BL-36 Controller or Throttle problems?

I just purchased a new Brushless, Heavy Duty Motor Controller-50 amp for the BL36 on my Wilderness Energy kit. Mine lost power to the motor and Dennis at Bernson EV, Inc.
Lincoln Park, MI 48146

Sales: Dennis
Office: 313-386-6888
Sales: 866-386-6888
Questions and Free Tech Support: 248-275-1730
Fax: 313-279-5356
E-mail: Sales@BernsonEV.com

tested mine for free and found out it was bad, so I ordered this new one for $80. I haven't received it yet but I hope it works out.

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