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Pedego Bikes

Hey guys,
I recently opened up an E-bike/Scooter store in Calgary. As everyone here well knows it can be very convoluted wading through the information on all of the various ebike manufacturers sites. I have spent a lot of time trying to put together the right product mix. Just thought I'd give a bit of a report here on a new model we just brought in, the Pedego line of "comfort cruisers" as well as the Umbrella folding bike. I couldn't find any information online that wasn't from Pedego, so we took a flyer on them and just received them today. The specs were pretty impressive for a pre-assembled bike considering the price. We were carrying the Ultra Motor A2B and then found ourselves no longer able to do so, and we needed something else in the 500 watt range.

My first impression was on the packaging, quite impressive. Very secure and zero damage. Apparently, they receive them from China, finish assembly and check them in CA before they send them out to dealers, so that seems to have made a big difference. Several other bikes we've received from other companies had issues from finish scratches to bent handlebars and frames, so this was a nice change. I'll post some pictures on here in the next week or so as well.

The "comfort cruiser", comes in Men's (black), and Women's (white). I'll copy and paste specs from their website:
Color Flat Black/Black Components
Wheels Electric Red
Motor Brushless Geared Hub Motor on Rear wheel
Power 500 Watt
Gears & Speeds 6 Speed Shimano Gears
Shifter Shimano SIS Index® Shifter
Batteries Lightweight Lithium in a Sealed Removable Pack
Charger Smart Charger Included
Amps 10 AMP Hour
Volts 36 Volt
Tires Kenda 26" x 2.30" K-RAD Urban Tires
Speed 20 MPH* using motor power only - faster if you also pedal
Distance 15 - 30 miles per charge*
Throttle Type Twist Throttle Variable Speed Control
Frame Type 6061 Light Weight Aluminum
Handlebars 3 Way Adjustable
Braking System Front and Rear Disc Brakes
Drive System Rear Hub Motor (Motor is in rear rim)
Measurements Wheel to Wheel 72" - W 32" - H 44"
Seat Padded Adjustable Seat Height 32" to 39"
Bell Standard
Battery Indicator On Handlebars
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Labor

Now for the impressions:
They are very comfy for riding, considering the lack of suspension. I think it might take a little while to get used to the "beach cruiser" style. The handlebars are very overstated but allow for a pretty comfy riding position. The disc brakes are a really nice touch and seem to add to the value. As for the battery, it seems it's pretty standard. I believe the Li-Mn variety, 10Ah. The motor really impressed me as the torque was quite good as I'm a big dude (250lbs). What impressed me most was how quiet it was. I was a little concerned because we carry the Ultra Motor Europa, and while the power is good, it's incredibly noisy. I also appreciate how the throttle and cabling is somewhat integrated into the frame of the bike. The biggest question I will have will be how customers will react to the cruiser style. Time will tell. I would like to see these guys put together a little more standard street bike or mountain bike style eventually, as the look seems a little bit niche oriented.

The Umbrella Folding bike:
Pretty cool little unit. The motor is a little under powered for a person my size, but the fact that it folds in 1 second is the big plus. My one complaint with the bike is the fact that it is not geared. This would limit the distance one could go on this little beast. Although, it seems it is definitely meant for much shorter jaunts. All in all though, quite good.

Anyway, hope this can serve as a basic starting point for some relatively unbiased (even though I am selling them) information on this newer offering into our world of ebikes and electric vehicles. If anyone else out there has had any experience with these, certainly post here as I would love to hear other opinions. I will post some pictures of the 3 models on here shortly.

Oh, and just for the record, I DO NOT work for Pedego.

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Re: Pedego Bikes

The White Pedego Umbrella bike is a single speed bike. The Black Pedego Umbrella bike has bigger tires, 6 speed gear box, and bigger motor/battery. I'd get the black one for sure. It's not that much more in both cost and size

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