Today's TTXGP update

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Today's TTXGP update

Haven't been able to tell from twitter traffic whether there was another practice run today. There are a few new articles to link up.

Agni Motors has a page about their projects, including one about their TTXGP bike. Agni Motors works with Cedric Lynch to commercialize his motor design, and his design was the inspiration for other motors like the ETEK and PERM and MARS motors.

The bike we are converting for the TTXGP is a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 fitted with two Agni 95 Reinforced motors and Kokam lithium-polymer battery of 63 cells of 70AH each, total about 16 kilowatt-hours of energy. This will give 40 to 50 horsepower averaged over the length of the race, which should be good for about 200 km/h (120 mph) top speed. Riders for this race are required by the rules to be fully-qualified racing motorcyclists. Our rider is Robert "Bullet" Barber.

There are some conspicuous absences at the race, teams who were announced in March and who did not show up. One was the Killacycle team and I got email from one of their team members that they didn't manage to get their bike together and tested in time. Another absence is Evo Design's EV-0RR

TTXGP: complete list of confirmed riders announced was the list as of June 2.

On June 12th, the TT 50cc record will fall is a prediction by the TTXGP staff that the TTXGP bikes will be able to break one of the official TT race records.

Kingston U Ready for Isle of Mann TTXGP is about the Kingston U team. It includes a picture showing one end of the battery pack.

The bike runs on a custom-built, 72-volt battery and wastes only 10 per cent of the energy it carries compared to a petrol-based vehicle which wastes 70 per cent. The overall CO2 used by the bike, including the CO2 generated to charge the batteries, will be around 50 per cent less than a petrol or diesel-power bike.

MotoCzysz qualifies for TTXGP race contains some inside commentary from one tgintz a.k.a. frodus:

Just recieved this from the MotoCzysz team:

Concerning the second practice …. “This time we passed every other team and were blazing in for the fastest lap of the field when the controllers went into current limitation with sagging batteries just one mile from the finish line. Our rider, Mark Miller, stopped the bike and tried to figure out what was wrong as the rest of the teams passed, then decided to get back on and give it another go. By then the batteries had rebounded sufficiently to give him his last mile, ……and he crept in at only 13.8 mph! On the other hand, he qualified us for the race on Friday, and the bike absolutely ripped most of the way round. ……..we’re looking very good.”

MotoCzysz qualified…

Race Stats of yesterday’s TTXGP Qualifier (unofficial) is some other updates. Apparently some are annoyed that "slow" electric bikes are clogging up their race. But these bikes are turning in lap speeds in excess of 70-80 miles/hr, meaning that over a 37 mile mountainous course they're delivering an 70+ miles/hr average speed. I don't know the lap speed of the gas bikes, but as an electric motorcyclist this is phenomenally amazing.

The Guardian has an article with lots of good information:

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