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EVC Update

Just received the following email from EVC.. they've been long promising a range of electric scooters. Seems we have a while longer to wait.

Greetings EVC customers and electric motorcycle enthusiasts:

I am pleased to be able to write to all of you and provide you with an update of the activities of EVC USA.

All new technologies face similar challenges and hurdles and suffer from the inevitable delays encountered when trying to create something new. From Microsoft to Tesla, new products and new releases have to solve problems that are unforeseen and un-predicted. EVC is no different and we have been working to solve the issues we encounter on our quest to create the most advanced and innovative product we can.

In addition to the technical challenges, we were forced along with most everyone else to deal with the impacts of global recession. The impact personally on EVC was real on our timelines as the general economy started its slide; however we overcame numerous obstacles that at times seemed insurmountable. We are in a rebound mode and exciting times are ahead. Significant advances have been made in the design and construction of our all-electric motorcycle platform.

We have formalized relationships with key partners that will help us further the advancement in both product design and platform technology and are making great strides in recruiting a first class management team as well as creating an organization which shares a common vision: to bring to market the most advanced product to meet the needs of the urban commuter.

Our management, engineers and team has spent over three years developing what we believe is the best combination of features, functionality, design and performance to create a product group aimed at providing real cost effective solutions for the mainstream public. We are looking forward to later in 2009 to be able to give you the opportunity to experience what we feel will be the ultimate in personalized next generation clean transportation. We are confident you will be more than pleased.

Between now and the end of the year several announcements are expected regarding:

· Model specifications and feature sets

· Pricing

· New photos and videos

· Newsletter

· Events that we will be attending in Q4 ’09 and Q1 ‘10

· An enhanced web site

· 3rd party reviews

· . . . . . and more

On behalf of EVC I would like to thank you, our loyal customers, and assure you that we will do our utmost to justify the faith that you have shown in us. We look forward in forming a long lasting relationship with you for many years to come. Our goal is to show the world that it is perfectly possible to drive without compromise – in a beautiful EVC Electric Motorcycle, with great performance and handling, while at the same time helping America cure its addiction to oil. Join us in this fun ride.


Mario Valentino

The Electric Vehicle Companylogo 1 - black 5 oval white background-1

2525 Arapahoe Ave, Suite E4 - 278

Boulder, CO 80302

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