World Fastest eBike with pedals won by a Canadian - DoctorBass 17 june 2009

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World Fastest eBike with pedals won by a Canadian - DoctorBass 17 june 2009

This date is to remember always.... 17 june 2009,

DoctorBass (alias Stephane Melancon), a guy from Quebec (Canada) is a Physics Technologist working at the INO he is a real fanatic about many technologies but the one that involved him the most is in particular electric bicycle and vehicle which remain to him a quest to make people believe in this alternative transportation.

Considered as a guru… his remarkable knowledge is shared everywhere on the ‘’Endless Sphere Forum’’ as an open source to everyone. Stephane is one of the very rare person who had made people to understand better the use and configurations of many type of Lithium-Ion batteries… Even companies now are demanding his help to assist in research and development for their batteries…. This guy is really outstanding!

Lately this spring 2009 Stephane had realized the impossible… he challenged the local TV networks to come and see what an electric bicycle is capable of. Then from that statement made to the media, he had only a few weeks ahead him for preparing and converting a kid bicycle into a very powerful electric racing bike… just imagine the pressure on this guy! (the development of his project called ‘’Project ‘’Y’’ KillaBicycle’’ can be found on the Endless Sphere Forum….‘’Project ‘’Y’’ KillaBicycle’’)

Then as promised… on Wednesday June 17, 2009 right in time for the TV media, he is showing up at the Drag race way in Pont-Rouge (Quebec) with is ‘’KillaBicycle’’ and performed all the race event needed to be recorded as a world record with a speed of 94,3km/h and this in spite of some 25km/h wind burst against him… (and don’t forget this is a real bicycle with pedals). He also broke another record with his other regular riding eBike which was hauling a 16000LBS school bus.
All the links and videos (in French) are available on the Endless Sphere Forum… (scroll down to see TV media video)

*** now just imagine what this genius guy could realized with some serious resources and budget… it would be awesome!...*** (shame on our government that does nothing about it!... and embraced instead the petroleum lobbies)

Thank you Stephane for such a great achievement and congratulation in your efforts making the earth a better place to live… We will support you and carry on this exceptional work!...

Gratefully to you my friend… DoctorBass


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