ecospeed experience?

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ecospeed experience?

i am going to get a catrike road and am interested in putting an ecospeed with lithium batteries on it. anyone have any experience using this product? thanks.

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Re: ecospeed experience with Nilar NiMH?

Have any of you tried the Nilar NiMH from Colorado Advanced Battery ? I am testing on an older 24V Currie USPD, seems to be twice the Watt/Hr/lb and approx 4x cost of SLAs. Looks like it will be about 1/2 Watt/Hr/lb of LiFEPO at about 1/3 the cost. I am nearing completion of an interface for the Giant LaFree Lite to use this battery and replace the original NiMH pack which is starting to drop in charge capacity.

The Nilar batteries do come in 36V and 48V configurations, see:

Looking for some other eBike experiences with drives like EcoSpeed shared here as I believe NiMH is more ecologically appealing at acceptable W/Hr/lb for this use. The 24V 10Ahr monolithic Nilar fits nicely in the older Currie rack mount cordura pack.

Best, Mark

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