Any experience w/ Kelly Hub Motors?

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Any experience w/ Kelly Hub Motors?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone has ever purchased or had any experience with the hub motors that kellycontroller offers on their website. They seem to have some really good prices and decent power on their 6kw model. They even claim that it can be run at 120V for 12kw and 200km/h! Do you really think you can get this kind of performance from this motor without frying it? Esp. at 500 bucks it seems too good to be true. If anyone has had any experience with these motors I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!

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Re: Any experience w/ Kelly Hub Motors?

I use a kelly controller and hub.

You can see here:

Good product and service with low price

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Re: Any experience w/ Kelly Hub Motors?

Watch out when thinking of buying from Kelly. Bought a $1800 controller and pedal assembly which was supposed to include a free $20 amp meter but it wasnt included. It took me over a month of arguing to get it. Shipping from CHINA is very expensive and you have to pay duty upon arrival. Their support is a minus 10. I know have a problem with both foot pedal and controller and they just ignore me. I did a charge back on a credit card, so I think they will wake up sooner or later. I would think twice before buying from them.

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