Does summer heat effect Electric Bikes?

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Does summer heat effect Electric Bikes?

Sounds like I may be having the same problem as "ElectroLex". I have a Z-30 that just quit on me. First it stalled with no throttle a couple of times then quit altogether. The temperature here in Georgia is above 95 degrees during the day and I wondered if heat was a factor. My bike sits in the parking lot all day at work. This problem started in the afternoon on the way home. In late evening after temperatures cooled the bike was running again with no problems.
I was under the impression the the Z-30's had corrected the controller problems that had plagued the Z-20's. So I guess I have two questions, I am I mistaken about the controllers, Do the Z-30's have the same controller problems? The other question is Can an electric vehicle/ Scooter hold up and be reliable transportation in the summer heat with temps. above 95 degrees?

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Re: Does summer heat effect Electric Bikes?

Sounds like it might be the heat. I don't have any experience with the Kelly controllers yet (standard in the Z-30) but they are supposed to throttle down or turn off if overheating.

I can say the one thing Andy told me when they were testing the Kelly controllers, was he had hoped they could eliminate the cooling fans for the controller on the Z-30. It sounded like they couldn't. Since your controller is working once it cools down, overheating sounds likely.

You could try to check that the cooling fans are working, and if you don't mind getting "under the hood" you might look to see if they had used conductive silicone grease between the controller and the bike frame. An additional aluminum plate between the contoller and frame may also improve cooling.

I'm sorry to hear this is happening on the Z-30, but I'm confident you could improve or eliminate the problem by looking at the mounting and fans.


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