The Son of WE Sucteam Returns

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To recap: Having destroyed the controller that came with my Wilderness Energy BD-36 kit, I followed the advice of one of our esteemed group members (both here and in that "other" group) and ordered the ecrazyman/BD4833/Shenzhen Sucteam controller (48V 800Watt) through eBay. I tried to wire it up according to the recommendations that many of you have suggested to the numerous inqueries that have been made on this subject. Particularly, the + side of my battery pack plugs into the red controller wire and - into the black. Upon plugging in (just touching, I don't give it a full "slam them together") it's as if I have created a dead short; complete with vaporized metal and setting the plug plastic on fire. The motor moved not a whit. It behaves this way whether I have everything wired up or just the controller and the batteries. Have I acquired a DOA controller? Are there any tests of the controller I can perform with a simple VOM? Am I just doing something truly stupid out of sheer ignorance? Any help will be much appreciated at this juncture.

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Re: The Son of WE Sucteam Returns

Dissapointing, but It doesn't sound to me like you did anything wrong.


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Re: The Son of WE Sucteam Returns

There were 2 wires that had to be connected (closing the circuit) for my ecrazyman/sucteam controller to run.
I put my keyswitch in to it -- but during my mock-up connections I just shoved a bent paperclip in to the female plug.
The plug was labeled as "power lock" -- looks like a couple of small wires, one red, one blue.

As far as the arc you get when connecting -- I've read that's "normal".
I think it's explained as a charge buildup in the controller (capacitors inside) that discharges when you connect the battery.
I get it too, and my controller is still working fine. I've just tried to limit the number of times I unplug/replug that thing. Scares me every time!

And you say the plug caught fire? Was that from a build-up of heat, or did the arc happen to ignite something?
Running 48v thru my Wilderness Energy 24v motor everything stays reasonably cool/warm.


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