Infineon Controller on XB-500 motor

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Infineon Controller on XB-500 motor

I am using an Infineon controller to power my XB-500. It works great for a few minutes until it gets warmed up. I then start to have problems engaging the throttle at lower speeds. Sometimes I get a screeching sound from the motor until I back off on the throttle and then slowly ramp it back up.

Anyone have clue what might be going on with it? Is this from the motor overheating or the controller?

Has anyone else ever had their motor squeal? It is a high pitched sound and the pitch will vary with the throttle input.


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Re: Infineon Controller on XB-500 motor

There's a lot of discussion on these controllers on the endless-sphere site; you might try there.

I'm interested. Have you seen the same "speed limit" we see with the stock XB-xxx controllers?

When it's screeching, is the motor still putting out power? Do you think it's like transformer hum, only at a higher frequency? The stock X-treme controller is dead silent, but it has its own "issues."


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