Not getting full voltage from Lifepo4

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Not getting full voltage from Lifepo4

I'm after some help with my Lifepo4 battery, It's a 24v 20ah duct tape special from China.

It's only showing a maximum of 22.9v. Ive left it charging for a good few hours over the weekend and it tops out at this. The charger is outputting 29v.

My guess is a dead cell but I could be way off, if it is should I strip the pack and test each cell to find a bad one ? Don't want to do that just yet until I've had some advice from the experts.

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Re: Not getting full voltage from Lifepo4

This thread from endless shpere might help. He had the same problem. It was a bad cell. Did you get an ebay cheapo? I found that thread right after I ordered my ebay cheapo and was scared. Turns out mines just peachy (minus the charger).

Leave the battery on the charger for an entire day, then check the voltage. If its bad write your seller. If they ask you to pay shipping both ways, point out that the voltage should have been checked before the battery shipped. I bought mine from volgood and he asked me to pay shipping on the broken charger to HK, I said that was unreasonable and he sent the charger the next day.

Good luck

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