Basic electronics question about transistors

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Basic electronics question about transistors

Sooooooo. I bought a controller with cutoffs for my brakes with. At 18mph the brake controller could matter less, but I had intended to hook up my my motor heat sensor to these brake cutoff wires.
My heat sensor and brakes are closed circuits until too much heat, or brakes on. On my controller a closed circuit indicates brakes on.
I know that this can be solved with a transistor. I can even draw the wiring diagram. The problem is I have no idea how to choose a transistor for the job. The data sheets are somewhat daunting. Can some1 please point me to a resource about choosing transistors. I understand the basic pnp npn stuff, but real transistors just have wacky numbers on them that point to datasheets with ridiculous amounts of information and tons of terms i really don't understand.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Basic electronics question about transistors

for signals, if you want to use a transistor, just use anything rated to 25v or more (assuming the signal voltage is well below 25v).

personally id just use a automotive relay, as they are easier to wire up.


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