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One on the way

I just purchased one of these RMartin EVT VRLA's online. It should ship out tommorow. I am hungry for info on it now though while I wait for it to arrive. There seems to be very little online.

Does it have regen?

Any mods done to increase torque or speed?

Any problems?

If you have any info or advice, or a link to another forum that has more EVT owners, I thank you in advance.


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Re: One on the way

1) no regen
2) I think someone jammed in two extra batteries and got a couple extra mph per battery.
3) the rod inside the cable that links the front wheel to the speedometer/odometer broke on me at mile 1296. I've survived without it for a few months, I'm lazy and know what speed feels right on my commute. I'll probably try to get it fixed when I get the tires replaced sometime.

The main thing I did when I first got the scooter was take off every metal part and screw and put some rustoleum primer + spray paint on it. I leave at the beach, there's sand and salt. I left two screws up front unpainted, they have survived; two in the back were rusted orange immediately and one even popped out. I replaced the two front bolts that go in the grille with longer skinnier ones with wing nuts.

As far as durability ... it never rains in San Diego and about a minute in my one ride home in light rain this spring I fishtailed at 10 mph and took my opportunity to lay down the bike while I still had control; besides knocking the screw-on mirror loose and sanding the plastic a bit, it was in fine shape. I've also managed to drop it hard on its other side and it survived, again, just loosed the mirror. (it wasn't resting stably on the cart I made to rotate the scooter ninety degrees in the garage.)

If you have to do work on the turn signals, beware of the lightly-soldered connection. (I think that's been mentioned before too.)

During spring I was riding five days a week once or twice a day ten miles one-way; right now I'm riding two days and driving two days (when you have to get to the Far Side of an air station, it's time for the GTI). Somehow I only have a saved track of the last half of my commute but you can see the grade of the cliff that takes me from 13 feet to 380 feet if you overlay this in Google Earth... this uphill at the north keeps my LFP EVD at 30mph and is I think about the max it can reasonably handle without blinking the red:
GPS uphill track

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