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EnerTrac kit

Met these people here at the eGrandPrix event... It's a hub motor meant for motorcycle use. It's much bigger than typical bicycle hub motors, and is sized to fit motorcycle swingarms. He says it'll require some kind of torque arm to help adapt it to the specific swing arm you have.


Interesting thing is that Crystalyte did the motor design for him. It took 6 months of back and forth to get what he wanted.

At the show he has it mounted in ... geez, these lean over the handlebar motorcycles all look alike to me. Anyway it's in one of those racer style bikes. But it's just a demo bike. I took it for a spin and it's pretty powerful. Couldn't really let it loose in the parking lot however.

He plans to sell it as a kit ... uh, didn't ask 'when'.

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Re: EnerTrac kit

Now, this is interesting, a hub motor designed for motorcycle convertion, I kept this site for future referance thank you David!!! LaTeR

thank GOD I wake up above ground !!!!

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Re: EnerTrac kit

The developer of this motor is active at Endless-sphere forums, username 'markcycle'.

The discussion of the development is quite interesting to follow:

It's rated as a 10kW motor, with 30kW peak output. I'd be very interested to see it installed in a big scooter, but it's design is optimized for a larger motorcycle wheel.

As best I can tell from following the thread, the design is complete and motors are now in production.

My electric vehicle: CuMoCo C130 scooter.

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Re: EnerTrac kit

Yes, he told me today the motors should be in the U.S. in August. I'm thinking real seriously about it...

I took their demo bike around for a long ride today and it is really good. Also shot an 10+ minute interview with him and his rider, which I'll post as soon as I get a chance.

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Re: EnerTrac kit

Mark here From EnerTrac

Just wanted to mention I have a limited number of units in my shop located in Hicksville, NY, with a much larger order arriving in 6 weeks
So I there are any early adopters of new tech out there this is your chance to build a amazing motorcycle.

Enertrac Corp

Trying to Change the old school ways of doing things
But I never Never try to break the laws of Physics

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