BLDC hall for speedometer?

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BLDC hall for speedometer?

I was wondering if this was a bad idea and if not how it could be done. I was wanting to connect one of the hall effect sensor wires from off the BLDC hub motor to both the controller and electronic speedometer. How could this be done? The motor has a 5V input, GND and 3 hall effects. The speedometer runs off a 12V converter (Bike is 72V 12KW) and is designed to replace any electronic speedometer off of any vehicle using the original sensor from the vehicle. (Homemade vehicles don't have original sensors) If this is a bad idea, does anyone know where to get an electronic speed sensor that can be stuck on a BLDC hub motor?

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Re: BLDC hall for speedometer?

The folks over at Endless-Sphere seem to have a pretty technical slant on EV-ing. You can see what the output of a Hall-effect sensor is. I'd suggest you might want to buffer the signal to the speedo.

The XB-600 has a speedo run off the controller, but I'm not sure what buffering or other circuitry is added between the Hall-effect sensors and the speedo output. I hope your speedo is more accurate than the XB's!

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