24V EV Global, what controller?

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24V EV Global, what controller?

I have a couple of 1999 24V EV Global Heinzmann motors, but the controllers are bad. I am looking for a supplier of controllers. I don't like the original controller. I want to simplify the system. Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Re: 24V EV Global, what controller?

Dogman from Las Cruces NM here. Cool to see another NM native hardcore into ebikes. I keep telling the local bikeshop they are missing out on a new market segment.

Just get something in the 20-25 amp range. I used a WE controller on several heinzmanns. It's a 35 amp, and it did work good. But with that much more amps than designed for, the motor gets hot fast. The first motor went up in smoke in no time at all(at 36v), since I hadn't hooked the temperature cut off switch up to the controllers on off switch circuit. I was using the bike to dirt ride on trails. On the second one I kept it at 24v, and was using the sla pack along with some paralelled nicads. It had the torque, and on the trails I was happy with 12 mph. But on steep climbs I had to use the throttle very carefully or I'd trip the sensor and have to wait awhile to ride uphill more.

FYI, the headlamps on the evg's can go higher voltage but the taillights need to stay with 24v. If you sell those bikes simplified, keep the headlamps, they are the best. I have mine on my commuterbike, and at 36v, it really shows the chuckholes and such better than any other bike light.

Give me a personal message if you are ever in Las Cruces and want to test ride some different motors. I don't check this forum that often now, so a PM on the endless sphere is the best for a quick response.

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