charging e-max 90 sport

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well, at least i think that's what i have. my husband won this at an auction and it didn't come with any paperwork. is there a manual i can download?

my biggest questions are about charging the batteries (i have the light blue chargers):
1. does it matter which i unplug first (from wall or from bike)?
2. how do i know when they're fully charged?
3. how long should that take?
4. is it okay to charge just one side or do i need to do both?

any other advice is greatly appeciated.

thanks, sarah

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Re: charging e-max 90 sport

Hi sarah,

could you post a picture of your scooter?

the emax sport was the old (original) model.

the emax 90s is the new one.

the light blue charger came with the old emax sport, so im fairly certain thats what you have.

it doesnt mattter which order you un-plug the scooter.
The batteries should be fully charged when the light on the charger turns green
the charger is an 8A charger, and the most you can get out of the original batteries is 32AH, so charge time from dead is around 5 hours (32/8 + 1)
charging one side is fine, the original setup should allow you to charge both sides in this way.

tbh, im not a huge fan of the original setup, but thats a story for another day.



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Re: charging e-max 90 sport

I used to own and Emax and I remember that it was slightly better to charge both sides. This is turning on the way-back memory so take it with a grain of salt. If you use one charger there is a circuit/relay that will charge first one string then the other. If you plug in both chargers then both sides will charge at the same time. Sometimes, however, the relay in this circuit can get stuck and you'll only be charging one side. If you know you have this problem (the scooter runs slowly and range is drastically reduced) you could manually move the charger from one side to the other, but by using both chargers you can't go wrong even if you have this problem. I never experienced this myself, but I believe at least one person here did. Hopefully they'll post and confirm or deny.

Even if I'm right, however, the advantage of using both chargers is small.


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