XM-3000 controller

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XM-3000 controller

My scooter finally died and I was told it was most likely the controller after making sure all connectors and electrical connections were secure. the back screws were relatively easy to get out but how some one or something installed the front set of screws for mount controller is hard to comprehend. The board was full of water and is NOT water tight. Even though the connectors are standard water tight connectors. There is room under the seat, so I think I will remote the three phase controller under the seat where it is a tad bit dryer.
It is corroded big time on the circuit board. I don't believe and extra two to three feet of 10 AWG wire will change performance. It is not water tight so keep it dry. My first water problem came from having lights not work and DC-DC converter was mounted under floor pan and that too was filled with H2O and I just replace converter. They are 15 bucks on eBay and cheaper online on a lot of sites. The controller is the main part of making the AC spin the rear wheels. If you have problems cutting out or slow speed it might be the black box on the left side in the rain!
I would like to know if the skinny red wire and skinny orange wires are of much importance? I know if the brakes are applied controller stops working as for making the wheel spin. That might be one of the colors?

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