introduction to my project/motor info help

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introduction to my project/motor info help

Hello all, I've been reading posts for a few weeks and have gotten started on my conversion. It's actually for a grad school project so I'll probably be asking a lot of questions about formulas and techy stuff. My conversion is a 1990 Ninja ZX-6, I picked it up without the ICE for $400 sold other stuff off of it for $50, straight frame, good plastics.

So far I have a GE series wound 72 volt DC motor for it, I picked it up for $50 (rusty and dusty) but I dissassembled it, cleaned it and it seems to work great with 12v. test I put on it). It's a 6.7" dia and weighs 57 lbs, I don't know much else because the plate data is ground down so all I have is the numbers, can anyone give me a clue as to what they mean? I'm pretty sure but not positive, attached is a picture of it. I'm most curious about HP and amperage. emailed a couple of GE motor contacts and they claimed they couldn't find the number in any databases, I'm not sure how old it is, I think it should be plenty powerful enough because the guy I bought it from said it WAS powering a volkswagen EV.

other pieces are alltrax 7245, Magura throttle, 72v-12v. converter, kilovac 200 contactor so far

I'm trying to figure out how to mount this pig of a motor so I can figure out my battery space. Looking at 6 x 12v batteries, I'd love a set of yellow tops but out of my budget, I want to keep it cheap at around $50 a battery, any ideas on this?

kansas city, MO

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