Upgraded Currie Scooter. Brushless and Lipo.

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Upgraded Currie Scooter. Brushless and Lipo.

Hey guys, first post here.

On an innocent trip to my local pep boys I had the urge to offer the guy at the desk 75 bucks for the floor model of a pretty nice looking 900 watt Izip scooter with dead batteries and no charger. He said 100. I said deal.




ohhhhhhh shinyyyyyyyyyy

The first thing I had to do was to remove all of those stickers as quickly as possible. Then I looked into my pile-o-motors. An HXT 80-100B seemed like the best way to go. I am honestly pleasantly surprised on the quality and construction of the new style 80-100's the older ones were pretty bad (have 2).


A new big'ol bearing so the can isnt floating anymore.


Yeah they could use some more copper fill maybe but at least the windings arnt loose anymore.


Motor mount bandsawed from 1/2" 6061. Note the transplanted "900 watt" Currie sticker.


On the esc and pwm generator side I used a 110HV and chinese voltage regs and servo tester that all fits snugly into a little black radio shack project enclosure. Also in the box are two 4700uF Caps which increase the capacitance by 9400uF. Overkill? Moving on...


The electronics box and 37v at 15ah of lipo is just about the same size as the original 24v 10ah SLA pack.


Being the same size, it all fits into the nifty SLA bag. Those 75amp powerpoles coming out of the bag are actually my switch because I blew up the stock switch somehow.


Ready for a test!

*goes outside*

Test Fail!!

Sprocket loosened up on shaft. Blue locktite is clearly not enough. The next plan is a 1/8" hardened pin and a stronger flavor of locktite.

Alsoo is there anyone else using a CC 110HV and an 80-100 out there? I'm curious of what esc settings you run? High timing? Frequency? I am having some motor hiccups now and again and it just plain isnt as smooth as brushed.

- Adam

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Re: Upgraded Currie Scooter. Brushless and Lipo.

So, why exactly did you replace the factory motor? Was it damaged or something?

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Re: Upgraded Currie Scooter. Brushless and Lipo.

sweet looking motor. what kind of speed are you looking to get out of it? Also, does that model come with a rear disc brake?

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