Broken Spoke On BionX Wheel

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Broken Spoke On BionX Wheel

This is the first time I've seen this.

Has this happened to anyone else?

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Re: Broken Spoke On BionX Wheel

I've been breaking a spoke a month with my BionX pl350 rear wheel since March. Always on the non-drive side. My bike comes in well under 50lbs and I'm around 150lbs. I ride it very hard during my commute...jump off curbs but not up them(bike is too heavy to do that), corner aggresively..accelerate hard. I expect the wheel to handle what a decent MTB wheel would handle. This has not been the case. The wheel was rebuilt with Saipam spokes this spring which was supposed to be an improvement.

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Re: Broken Spoke On BionX Wheel

I've had a Bionx for years with no broken spokes. I don't ride very aggressively. I'm not so much worried about the wheels as the battery mount and the circuit boards.

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Re: Broken Spoke On BionX Wheel

I have had this issue many times. Spokes broke regularly on my PL350 700c wheel and I've had the wheel rebuilt 3 times with new spokes. To resolve this issue, I purchased spokes from (200mm custom cut). This appears to have resolved the issue as I've yet to replace a spoke this year (approx. 1800kms). The Bionx black spokes are poor quality and brittle! Hope this helps.

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