New brushless bike controller from Goldenmotor

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I recently bought a new brushless motor controller for electric bikes from

If you go to that site you can read all about this new controller and its unusual features. I bought the 48V version and put it on a bike which has a 48V 1000W chinese motor kit on it (I think the kit is also from Goldenmotor, but I bought it on Ebay), and they shipped it to me right away. The site says that the max current is 50A, but my motor will only draw a maximum of 30A. I paid $60 plus $30 shipping. I have just done a test ride of about 20 miles on it and everything I have tried works fine. Features include:

1. Better control on speed and acceleration than on the stock controller that came with the kit.

2. Cruise control, which works fine.

3. Real regenerative braking, which works only when the brakes are used and really helps in braking these heavy electric bikes.

4. A horn (?)

5. Apparently the ability to get you home if the hall sensors on the motor or the throttle become inoperable (!) I have not tried these features.

6. Theft control with auto wheel locking (I have not tried this - it apparently works such that if you turn this feature on, it detects vibration and automatically locks the wheel.

7. Automatically communicates failures by using a system of horn beeps to tell you which problem you have (this was already useful to me in connecting up a new throttle).

8. Forward and reverse (I do not intend to use this).

9. voltage and current controls, but the low voltage protection can be overridden if you so desire.

10. Motor phase self detection and calibration (useful if you want to use it with a motor not made by Goldenmotor).

11. Very nice construction with a heavy aluminum case which serves as the controller heat sink.

12. Came with all necessary cables and a steering wheel mounted switch for the horn and cruise control. A number of the connectors were the same as on my original kit controller, but a few were different and I had to change them. For this purpose they incude a set of connectors to use.

13. No load power consumption of only 1W, which is even lower than that on the Crystalite Phoenix Cruiser system I have mounted on another bike.

First impression is that this controller is a steal.

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Re: New brushless bike controller from Goldenmotor

I bought the same controller and upgraded my ebike.
I have been blogging my progress on this site.
See my blog if you want to check out what I have done.

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Re: New brushless bike controller from Goldenmotor

I like that controller too. I don't have one though.

Dis you buy the computer interface cable? If so, how do you like setting the parameters on the controller--is it simple or hard?


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Re: New brushless bike controller from Goldenmotor

Hi, it’s a couple years later now and I’m curious if you’re still satisfied with the controller? Has it lasted this long? PJIII asked if you bought a computer interface cable, can the programming be done on a personal computer (preferably a windows)? Does it require a programme/driver to do this or does it act more like a plug and play? I could probably find this information on my own, but it took me a couple of years to find this post, I would prefer to be told details if it is not an inconvenience.
More importantly, is there a call number or product name that is associated with this specific controller. So I can find this controller, and not run into a different less programmable one.

OK, following the link you provided, it appears that there are 3 different versions available now, any recommendations on what specific one to go for? They talk about sending a sample, does that mean sending just one at their fixed price? Thankyou


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Re: New brushless bike controller from Goldenmotor

I recently had a Golden Motor controller catch fire and burn up. I put it with all the other GM stuff I have that does not work. Warranty service is non-existent.

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Re: New brushless bike controller from Goldenmotor

BTN controller and kit is really good



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