Which voltage multiplication topology is more efficient/practical??

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Which voltage multiplication topology is more efficient/practical??

Hello forum members,

I am deciding whether a diode/capacitor CW circuit,or a step-up

power hand-wound step-up transformer is easier,and more

practical;I am only needing at most a voltage multiplier for my

electric pmdc powered bike trailer with dual curry brushed

motors-I have magnet wire,T200 toroid,fiberglass tape,some

electrolytic caps,hi amp diodes(Schottky,FAST,hi-amp) so either way it would be practical

to make a decent working voltage multiplier!

I basically want to know which "vm" circuits that the members have

used with good results,and what circuit is more


btw,I have uploaded a few examples of voltage multiplier circuits

similar to what I will like to try,although the sytep transformer

core I will be using is a toroid design,and not a split-bobbin/E core


Thanks in advance for a reply!

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Re: Which voltage multiplication topology is more ...

I would like to know this as well, as I want to use one 3.3v 100Amhr Lifepo4 cell scaled up to 24v volts to run a scooter.
Whats the most efficient way to convert this voltage?

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Re: Which voltage multiplication topology is more ...

Transformers are not typically what is used to up convert a DC source.
I would recommend using a DC2DC controller ref design from a semi chip company like linear, analog, or whatever you fancy.
They typically employ an inductor (no hand wound stuff) /w FET switches and a controller to jack the voltage up.
Or look at companies that sell modules which have an entire switching supply encapsulated in a box.
However it sounds like this is a project to learn, so so maybe you like doing hand wound transformers route.

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Re: Which voltage multiplication topology is more ...

This page has an EV voltage step-up design: http://www.re-voltage.eu/electronics.html

The author may be able to supply an actual device or more details. He posts on Endless Sphere as Tiberius

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Re: Which voltage multiplication topology is more ...

In reference to the last request, there is also a yahoo group called "switchmode" about an SMPS design for a bike motor controller that does this--steps up from a lower voltage higher-current source to a higher-voltage lower-current source. The designs are available on that group in the Files section.

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