Help Needed- electric moped project.

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Help Needed- electric moped project.

I am looking for suggestions on my electric moped I am working on. I have never built an EV before but i have done LOTS of research and think I understand the gist of electric bikes.
I have a 1978 Jawa 207 moped which I have stripped down of all unimportant components. (motor, gas tank, ect.)

I have decided on using the 48v 16" 2-3kw in-wheel hub motor made by I know it is a Chinese company so I was wondering if anyone has a golden motor who can give a quality report.

I am looking at using 16 LiFePO4 3.2v 20ah modules and a BMS to get 51.2v. (48v in LiFePO4 language) I am also looking for another report on battery spaces products.

When it comes to the controller however I am lost. I have absolutely no idea what kind of controller I would need for a hub motor and my battery pack. If anyone could help me on that one it would be much appreciated.

here is a simple sketch of what i want my moped to look like:



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Re: Help Needed- electric moped project.

For a controller - I'd suggest that the default choice is to use whatever golden motor is selling. Obviously they will have chosen to sell controllers that do well with the motors they sell, right?

On the battery pack be sure to verify the rated discharge rate of the pack you get is sufficient for the motor/controller you'll be using. The reason is some of the packs have a low discharge rate and come with a BMS that will cut off the pack as soon as the discharge too high.

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