Brakes with vacume assist

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Brakes with vacume assist

I recently purchased a EV conversion. They use an electric vacume pump to augment the power brakes. When I apply the brakes it feels like it takes a second for the power assist to kick in. I'm wondering if this is a normal feature of this type of brake system. I'm guessing that when I apply the brake the vacume drops and it takes a while for the pump to kick in. As I recall air in the line usually results in having to pump the brakes and that is not the case here once the brake kicks in it's good. I was wondering if a vacume reservoir of some type might help with this.

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Re: Brakes with vacume assist

Apparently you don't belong to a local EAA club? Never been to EV shows? All the shows that I have been to have nice metal or plastic reservoirs. Mine had a Thomas vacuum pump but there are others that operate on 12 volts. One needs a vacuum pump and reservoir to stop on a dime. You can't wait till you have 20 to 30 inches of Hg to build vacuum. You don't need a massive tank, maybe a liter of so. The larger the tank the less the pump cycles on. There are kits from JC Whitney and EV-ers like Roderick Wilde and Ken of KTA services.


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