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Hello everyone,

I'm extremely new to all of this moddying, but I wish to start asap! I have two questions for you guys. I currently have a PR200 with three 12V 7Ah battery and everything else is stock, please apply this to my questions below.

I have a budget of 160$ and I wish to have a average speed of AT-LEAST 25MPH (I'm 125 pounds) and I want to have a maximum traveling time of about 30 minutes but this isn't really important the speed is more important to me. Is this possible with 160$? If yes can you please make a list of the parts I should add to my PR200?

I have three 12V 7Ah with everything else stock. How do I wire it without busting my controller (Max 24V and 29Ah)? Can someone please draw a quick diagram?

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