Microswitch issue and fix on my Lectra

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Microswitch issue and fix on my Lectra

I wanted to take a ride the other day and it simply wouldn't "go". It had power etc. The day before I'd had it on the lift doing some rewiring to clean up some of the connections.

Looking around the bike I noticed the microswitch was missing the button. This is the one where the kickstand flips up, activating the switch by pushing the button (that's missing). I have it wired to go to the throttle input on the Alltrax controller. No switch, no throttle input, and no controller activity, and no go. I've had it on the lift before without damaging the microswitch but apparently this time it got damaged.

In the past I've had situations where the kickstand flips down slightly while riding and the controller cuts off. FWIW.

In any case... the microswitch was marked with the label "D2D-1001" and the Google is able to conveniently turn up pages with lots of details about that switch. My local auto parts store didn't have any similar microswitch, and places like evparts.com don't carry similar switches, so I decided to order one from one of the parts vendors (Mouser Electronics). They didn't have the -1001 switch in stock but the -1000 is the same form factor and that one is in stock. The replacement is due to arrive on thursday.

BTW this switch is made by Omron and there are .PDF's online showing the details.

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