XM-3100 Speed limiter switch location?

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XM-3100 Speed limiter switch location?

I just got a new XM-3100 off eBay, and noticed that the "Economy/Speed" switch described in the manual doesn't exist. I've checked behind the various access panels, and don't see it. There is a two wire (green/red) connector behind the oval panel below the front of the seat (about ankle level) which isn't connected to anything - could I put a switch across these two wires to keep the moped in "Economy" mode? Or is the switch hidden somewhere else?


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Re: XM-3100 Speed limiter switch location?

I have a speedo problem and eXtreme scooter called me to confirm new speedo and I ask where the Economy switch was and he said after so many controllers getting smoked because of too much voltage they mover the switch under floor mat. I looked and all I see is DC - DC and a fuse. I am sure from my XM-3000 it has to be tied in with Throttle body or some place close by. I can get used to high speed but do like economy mode for city traffic. Can't get much above 20 MPH any ways here. I will call Monday to Alpha Products or Get Scooters or eXtreme Scooters and find where it went to.
Does paralleling a 10 or 15 K ohm resistor do the same thing?


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Re: XM-3100 Speed limiter switch location?

I spoke with the E-treme tech and he informed me that there is NO speed limiting switch on this model.


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