Running 36v motor on 24v.

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Running 36v motor on 24v.

I have a complete Currie kit with 24v 450w motor.

I want to modify the kit to turn a crank on the left side of the bike.
I am worried that it will turn the cranks too quickly.

The 36v version of the motor has the same output shaft speed as the 24v motor.

The idea is to run a 36v motor on 24v to slow down the output shaft speed.

Can it be done?

In case you were wondering, I'm working on a freewheel adapter for the Currie D-shaped
motor shaft.
If you have any ideas about this I'd like to hear them.

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Re: Running 36v motor on 24v.

I think you can do it. I think if you run higher voltage expect *higher* rpm. Motors are usually rated for RPM-volt, so the higher the voltage, the faster it will go. More amps means more torque, btw, but same RPM.

This is somewhat simplified, but good rule of thumb...

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