Silicon Valley EAA EV Rally - yesterday

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The Silicon Valley EAA held their yearly EV rally yesterday. I ran into a few VisForVoltage members and hopefully they'll chime in with their experiences.

It was very very hot.. according to the local newsrag in Palo Alto it was 101 degrees, and of course being in an asphalt parking lot made it even hotter. Woah. At least this time I made sure to drink a lot of liquids (unlike last year) but I still had a bad headache most of the evening.

Anyway.. it was great fun if there were fewer people than usual.

Apparently there's an electric race being held in the Bonneville salt flats real soon. A couple people were heading to that with some very interesting looking vehicles.

My personal treat was to finally receive the Zuumer I've been waiting patiently for 7-8 months to receive. It is very well made and I think worth the wait. I'll be posting about that separately.


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Re: Silicon Valley EAA EV Rally - yesterday

You're right it was hot. If I had known your were going i would have said hi.

But the Zuumer, that was super fun to ride. I only got a few minutes on one, but it was enough to get me hooked.


Luther Burrell, Petaluma, California, USA
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Re: Silicon Valley EAA EV Rally - yesterday

I got to Ride David's Hopped up Letra, Smooth bike, ADC motor
Bob Schneefeis had a wild Mars 709 with Zilla controller detuned to 500 amps
has belt drive, even more silent
in a frame he made. he said perhaps i could copy it
I have been trying to figgure out frame for new EVmc rigid look but like a softtail, but light weight this looks like it
EAA PaloAlto BOB4.jpg


Marc, Fresno,CA where the Sierra Nevada Mountains are hidden (smog)

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