XM-3100 & xm-3000 Rides

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XM-3100 & xm-3000 Rides

I went for a ride with both of my new scooters from eXtreme and my wife and I rode 25 miles side by side and both ran out of fuel about the same time. So both are 3000 watt and battery packs pretty well matched. The XM-3000 limped home better because it had a low speed setting. I am sure it could do 30 miles or more but we kept throttle maxed out even up long up hill rides. I am going to remove passenger foot peg and put square aluminum rails on for skeleton and place saddle bags on scooters. Before I do that I better put on an ammeter or Cruising Equipment E-Meter with 100 volt prescaler to more accurately measure AH and total capacity. By the time the volt meter started its down hill trek, it was dying fast. The first 15 miles were in the green and the rest fell of quickly. Right down to the red zone.
I am practicing loading proper pictures. Speed control is part of throttle assy.

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Re: XM-3100 & xm-3000 Rides

I just bought one of these xm3100 on ebay from getscooters for $620.00 and I am worried about the quality. Although I have not yet received it I cant help but wonder if I may have made a mistake. It seems there are lots of complaints about xtreme scooters reqarding customer support and reliability. I have tried to call them many times and no one ever answers the phone and you have to leave a message that no one ever returns. CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE BUYING THIS SCOOOTER?

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Re: XM-3100 & xm-3000 Rides

I have tried to call them many times and no one ever answers the phone and you have to leave a message that no one ever returns.

LOL! It's interesting that X-Treme treats it's dropshippers the same as their customers. They don't care about any of you or your problems, they just want your money. Anything short of having the legal system involved and you'll be wasting your breath and money when something happens.

Search the internet for a mind-numbing amount of customer complaints.

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