Bad Boy Buggies @ Bass Pro

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Bad Boy Buggies @ Bass Pro

Bad Boy Buggies sells a range of 4 wheel drive electric ATV's and they're focusing on recreational use (hunters etc). Seems they're heading towards an expansion and going for a big time seller (Bass Pro).


Bass Pro Shops are testing sales of Bad Boy Buggies in five markets: Denham Springs, La., Oklahoma City, Okla., Dallas, Knoxville, Tenn., and the flagship store in Springfield, Mo.

... Known throughout the hunting world for providing a top-notch, and, most important, silent way to get hunters more deeply into the woods, Bad Boy’s greatest growth potential may in fact depend on the tree hugger community.

“There’s been a lot of attention focused on eco-friendly, green vehicles,” Skrabo said, adding that federal and state tax credits for low-speed electric vehicles are making their soon-to-be released street-legal buggy a potential home run. “We’re no longer going to be perceived as only a hunting company,” he said.

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