Merida accessory (lighting) wiring

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Merida accessory (lighting) wiring

I have a Merida 550 still running with the stock controller on 24v. I am very pleased with the ride, but I want to hook up some led lights to see and be seen. I have power to spare from the battery (24v 15ah lithium for a 10 mile commute) I am using, so I would like to use 12v dc led lamps wired in series and connect them to the Merida power source. Ideally I will be able to tap into the Merida wiring and place a switch on the frame near the battery power level indicator. I think chas_stevenson used to have some wiring pictures on the Internet, but it appears that the page where they were located is no longer available.

Is there a safe place to tap into the wiring to power my lights? The total load of all the lights will be less than 20 watts-- 1 pair led headlights, 1 pair led strips, 1 pair led strobes.

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