Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

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Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

This is WAY off topic but I am looking for a low output charger to use as a maintainance charger for a 7-6v golf cart battery bank. Something to leave on when not being used. Any ideas or directions I might look??


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Re: Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

Just wondering why you didn't go with 6 each T-890's instead of going 42 volts? If it is bec of controller issues then every so often on eBay there are under one hundred dollar controllers. The range of going to 48 volt pack is so great compared to T-105's. Also 48 volt chargers are now the Norm for golf carts. Sams clubs has great prices on 8 volt batteries for under 80 bucks each vs Trojan at just over a hundred each.


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Re: Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

There is a Schumacher charger available at walmart for around $20. It can be run at 6 or 12V as well as 2, 4, or 6 amps. It shows % of charged and goes to float charge when 100%

Dave ; Tennessee

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Re: Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

Iota Engineering offers battery chargers from 12v-48v. Very relaible.

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