Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

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Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

This is WAY off topic but I am looking for a low output charger to use as a maintainance charger for a 7-6v golf cart battery bank. Something to leave on when not being used. Any ideas or directions I might look??


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Re: Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

I've been happy with a 12V Vector charger on a series/Parallel plug arrangement. I've written it up on other posts.

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Re: Charger for 42v lead acid battery bank

Unfortunately your suggestion for using a 12v charger won't work in this case because it's an odd number of 6v cells. If it was an even number of 6v cells then it'd be possible to pretend it's a series of 12v batteries.

Another thought is a 36v charger plus a 6v charger.

Another thought is if you can find a 6v charger then use the series/parallel arrangement mf70 said.

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