Ugh.. Charger from china problems

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Ugh.. Charger from china problems

I purchased a duct tape 48V LiFePO4 20Ah battery from Cammy CC on eBay. I had some initial charger problems and she replaced the charger several times. I had a working charger and I was loving it. My electric bike was powering me up these steep hills in Pennsylvania. Then it rained for a week so I didn't ride and I left my battery off the charger. When then rain stopped I plugged back in the battery and it got a good 24 hour charge. When I plugged it into my bike the light on my controller came on for a second then went right out. I emailed Cammy and she told me to check the voltage of the battery and the charger. The battery was a steady 50 volts after a 24 hour charge and the charger was a steady 55 volts. She told me the charger should read 60 volts and the battery when fully charged should read just over 60 then drop down to 53 when fully charged. So it appears my charger isn't charging my battery fully. Is there anyway I can fix my charger or does anyone know where I can get a good charger for cheap? I have several of these lame-duck chargers and they all test at 55 volts. I need something that can put out the juice. These hills are killing me without the powered assist. Thanks.

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