Tremendous drag at 13-15 mph.

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Tremendous drag at 13-15 mph.

I have the PL350, and have mixed reviews, as there always seems to be some issue. A few months ago, I used the 3773 code to remove the 20mph limit. Recently, I noticed that there was only a minute difference in power output between the different levels of power assist; meaning I rode just as fast with power level 2 as I did with power level 4. Also, I noticed it didn’t matter what power level I was on whilst going up a hill; I got just as much torque with level 2 as with level 4.

So, I decided to redo the 3773 code. Since, then I noticed a pronounce difference in the levels of assistance. Anything less than level 3 requires me to work twice as hard just to overcome the weight of the bike and battery pack. Another major problem I am encountering is tremendous drag between 13mph-15mph. It is like riding my bike through thick mud. Either I have to go faster than those speeds, or less. This is extremely annoying. Anyone have suggestions or have similar issues?

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