Has any one bought one of these ?

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Has any one bought one of these ?

I took one look at the picture and saw batteries wrapped in duct tape and a home made charger! This thing screams in my eyes FIRE. Please take a look for your self.LiFePO4-48V-20AH-Electric-Scooter-E-Bike-Battery-power

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Re: Has any one bought one of these ?

My pingping battery pack is fine over a year later, duct tape and all. FWIW

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Re: Has any one bought one of these ?

Hi,I have checked that battery pack and its price is really so cheap and I think it is may below the cost.However,i can't believe its quality and safeness.We are also the manufacture of LiFePO4 battery pack.Actually,we all know that company sells cheap price and dangerous products,you can check it.

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