Ultra Motor's 2010 A2B and A2B Excel

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Ultra Motor's 2010 A2B and A2B Excel

Ultra Motor sells the A2B bicycle. It's a heavy duty electric bicycle, big tires, powerful motor, large battery pack, heavy duty frame, etc. I did a brief test ride with one a while ago and it felt like it could climb mountains, go off road, etc.

They were at Interbike and somehow I neglected to take any pictures. However they had some interesting new stuff to show. And they invited me up to their office to borrow a bike, so I'll do that soon.

They now have four A2B models where there had been one before:-

A2B Hybrid: 250 W motor, max speed 15 mph, up to 43 miles range, Sanyo lithium ion battery pack, 7 speed SRAM derailleur, total weight 66 lbs

A2B Velociti: 400 W motor, max speed 20 mph, up to 20 miles range, same battery pack, gearing, etc. total weight 66 lbs

A2B Metro: This is the existing model .. 500 W motor, max speed 20 mph, up to 40 miles range, same gears etc, total weight 73 lbs. The frame of this one is beefier than the Hybrid or Velociti, plus this has a spring suspension rear swing arm while the prior two are hardtail.

A2B Excel: This is a scooter version of the bicycle. The frame is beefier and a bit larger than the Metro, has the same style spring suspension rear swingarm. There are no pedals instead it has footboards. 800 W motor at 48 volts (the others are 36 volts), max speed 28 miles/hr, up to 28 miles range. The display is driven off a CANBUS system. There seems to be two batteries, a 48 v primary battery and a 33.3v secondary battery. (??why??) Total weight is a touch over 100 lbs.

They also now have a range of cargo accessories, saddlebags and the like.

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