Is speaker wire a good choice for wiring lights?

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Is speaker wire a good choice for wiring lights?

I need to run some wire from the battery to the lights mounted on the front and rear of my e-bike. In a previous thread, 18 gauge was recommended as an acceptable gauge for a 24v low wattage (<25w) load.

I would like to use speaker wire, if it will work because it runs in wire pairs. However, I am not sure of how well it will hold up to exposure to moisture, cold and sunlight. Any advice?

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Re: Is speaker wire a good choice for wiring lights?

Reliability will depend on how the wire is made! SOME speaker wire would survive, but many others will not, so to be safe, I suggest going to an auto supply store, and purchasing some automotive "Primary Wire"--it is available in red, black, and other colors, and is specifically designed to survive oil, grease, sun, heat, cold, vibration, water, etc in a vehicular environment. Be certain to install proper fusing, near the battery, to protect the vehicle and wiring.-Bob

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Re: Is speaker wire a good choice for wiring lights?

And another option:

You'll have more color choices with Bob's suggestion of automotive primary wire from your local parts store. And you'll be able to get it right away, too.

If you already have the speaker wire, I'd be inclined to go ahead and try it. Just thoroughly inspect the insulation often and if you see any sign of breakdown, replace with something better.

On the other hand, if you can spend a few bucks now, get the proper gauge automotive primary wire so you'll only have to make all those connections once.

Ditto on the fuse!

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