Building a 1000W 36V E100 Razor..controller wiring question...

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Building a 1000W 36V E100 Razor..controller wiring question...

Hi all, I am building an E100 and have pretty much gotten everything in place as far as mounting the motor and extras. I am now working on the wiring and and curious about the throttle wiring. I cannot find any info about what the wires on the stock Razor throttle are. There are two yellow, and two orange. I have a CT-660B9 36V 40A controller. I have figured out the brake wiring, I just don't want to mess up the throttle wiring. Could anyone shed some light on the razor throttle wiring?

Also, on the lock connector, should I close that circuit? I figured it should be to make the thing work in the first place. I may use those wires to run my on/off switch.

Thanks in advance for helping out an e-scooter newb!

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