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XB-600 Question

I was riding my xb-600 yesterday when the motor quit working for a couple of seconds, then started up again for a couple of seconds. This continued for the last quarter mile of my trip. Is this a controller, throttle or brake problem?

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Re: XB-600 Question

This would be better posted in the xb-600 forum. It could be alot of things based off what you are saying. I would maybe guess the controller could be overheating. The throttle could be going out as well. Let it cool and test on the middle kickstand without a load and see how motor is running. Test the throttle make sure it is getting the correct voltage. You could also test the hall wires to the motor.Could be batteries to. Check make sure it has proper voltage going to the controller. Post results again. Good luck.

The brake circuit will stop the motor when applied so if the brake switch is sticking that could also be it.

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Re: XB-600 Question

First remove the micro switch wire going to front brake assembly. Monitor voltage going to wire on controller. If it goes above ten or eleven volt then controller will shut down. It is by far the most common cause. I had a meter and didn't realize how often I hit the brakes. The only lube that seem to loosen up sticky switch is WD-40 Do not use graphite. I finally give up on front switch but will keep kick stand and rear brake switch.


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Re: XB-600 Question

What was the voltage level? These controllers do have a low-voltage cutout, and that sounds exactly like a low pack voltage dropping below the cutoff then regaining enough voltage to operate again. The Voltmeter is not a trustworthy tool; the shot below is at 11.2 volts per battery, and it seems to be "saying" that there's plenty of juice left!:
Only voltage under load is trustworthy.

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