How do you like ecospeed

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How do you like ecospeed

I currently ride a Sun EZ-1 with a electro cycle e4 Mid drive kit and a 20AH 24v Lithium battery. I have been mostly satisfied with this setup but am interested in moving up to a better quality bike and going with the ecospeed product. They are a bit pricy and I would like to hear from others who have them and see if they think they are worth the extra cash. Also I would seek others experience with lithium batteries. I have an ebay battery. Not Ping and I have had some serious voltage drop problems with it after less than a year.

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Re: How do you like ecospeed

Well, if you like the EZ-1 , you'd love a TourEasy! One thing i didnt like about the Ecospeed design, aside from price was that it does utilize the gears, which has some advantages, but depending on state laws, may put the bike above legal limits of "not being able to assist the bike beyond 20mph." , if its properly licensed for the speed its capable of, thats not a problem. From videos I've seen of Ecospeed, their motor can be a tad louder than a hub motor too. Another plus to the ecospeed design is, no custom rear wheel needed, and you can still use your bike to pull a trailer if desired. )on the mid drive units anyhow)

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