ZEV 2009 3SP 3600

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ZEV 2009 3SP 3600

I just purchased this bike and havnt seen much on the forums about it. Was wondering if anyone has had any problems with this bike. I was planning on getting the XB-700Li but i got the Zev 3sp 3600 for basicaly the same price due to no reserve price on ebay. So I got a realy great deal. I currently use a razor 300es to get back and forth to work. I have had that one for 2 years so was looking for a upgrade that could handle the hills faster than 5mp and somthing with a longer range. I was origanly trying to avoid having to get a tag and insurance but after checking the prices its not that expensive.The bike should arrive next week and ill take some pictures and create a blog about this bike and how it performs.

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