New NEV wants distributors in US

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New NEV wants distributors in US


The above NEV was designed and engineered in Sweden, built in China, it is a low speed EV driven by 3.5KW DC motor, 48V system, 120Amp-hours PbA battery pack, mileage 60miles max. it is at the stage of small series production now, mass production will start in April of 2010.

We are looking for distributors in US.

For detailed informations, please visit

Please feel free to contact followings if you have any enquiry.

Contacts in China:Michael Chen
Email: vibmichael [at]
Mobile: +86(0)139 581 223 64

Contacts in Sweden: Hansi Kobes
Email: hansikobes [at]
Mobile:+46(0)733 01 41 51

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