Disagreement in European over e-bicycle standards

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"COLIBI and COLIPED, the European associations for bicycle manufacturers, assemblers and parts and accessories’ producers, are disputing the mandate that the European Two-Wheelers’ Retailers Association (ETRA) claims to have obtained at several meetings with e-Bike manufacturers on proposals for new e-Bike regulations. COLIBI and COLIPED are also against any changes in the current European legislation for electric bicycles."

Basically the article says COLIBI and COLIPED are against any changes in European electric bicycle regulations. ETRA on the other hand is advocating for an increase in power levels, and claims to have several electric bicycle manufacturers in agreement.


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Re: Disagreement in European over e-bicycle standards

A 20 kph/15.53 mph speed limit is completely ludicrous. If the law makers have no hidden agendas pushed by special interest lobbyist, then they would probably allow a higher no pedal speed limit of 20 mph/32.19 kph for electric bikes like the US. The argument that a top no pedal speed of over 20 kph/15.53 mph is dangerous on bicycle paths is completely invalid. For example, a strong spandex clad roadie is capable of sprints on the flats at over 26 mph/42 kph, then why aren't road bikes banned from bicycle paths due to safety concerns.

The key to safety on a bike path or on the road is common sense and I think any adult that understands the laws of the road knows when not to go faster than the conditions permit. I guess the law makers in Europe think all adults there are morons that can not understand this concept. Imo, they have rendered a practical, fairly cheap form of tranportation (when compared to an automobile) utterly useless in Europe. What good is an electric bike if you can not use it's full potential and is slower than a normal pedal bicycle in most circumstances? MySpace

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