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Bionx contrller

I've researched and can't seem to get answers.em'd bionx,dealers e-s forum.The controller is in the hub?come in pairs?There is a guy in ca.that has a mess of them in staticbags,new(for 2007-08)he hasn't been able to get info either.sells them on ebay and reduced price because no one seems to want them.Knowing what Bionx charges for anything I thought anyone who has a use for them would be snapping them up for backup.He wants less than $40.Any one know where I can find list of internal controllers,specs and applications?I don't own or plan to own a Bionx.Just became curious why he can't sell them,he's had them posted forever,and thought I could just help out those that own bionx bikes that are a few years old.If I could even find out if they could be adapted for use w/ other motors I'd get one and try it out.go to ebay for specs.I don't have them handy and am too inept w/comps to even try a link.Curiosity is killing this cat.

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