Help me Find a Bike!

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Help me Find a Bike!

Hello everyone,

My name is "NeedABike"

I've been looking for months online and in Arizona for an
electric bike or trik that would fit a 6'4", 250lb guy
and I'm having no luck.

Can anyone out there help my find a bike for me?


Can you recomend a dealer in the Phoenix metro area where
I can test ride and make sure it fits me?

please email: list2ullc [at] with any info you might have.


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Re: Help me Find a Bike!

I'm in Phoenix, and I don't know of but one ebike dealer, and I've never been to his store (it's somewhere out west in Glendale, toward the 101, I think).

The best thing I can recommend is that if you like, I might be able to help you convert an existing bike or trike to electric. Do you have a bike you already like?

If not, you could find one at a regular bike shop that fits you, get that, and convert it by one of quite a number of methods.

My stuff is all done with recycled parts, so it looks pretty craptacular, but there are lots of spiffy-looking ways to do it with storebought parts, depending on your budget.

Is this going to be a short-range fun bike or a long-range commuter? Or a cargo hauler, grocery-getter, etc.?

Michael Elliott
Cybernetic Necromancers, Discorporated
Phoenix, AZ
Watch me build an electric-assisted recumbent bike from recycled junk:

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Re: Help me Find a Bike!

NeedABike, I have two electric Vespa-style scooters for sale, either of which can carry a tall, 250lb person. The Lepton is by far the more comfortable of the two. See my ad for it here. It has a 300lb weight limit. Depending on how far you need to ride between charges, you may want to invest in new batteries for it - about $300 - $500, depending on whether you want to go stock or higher capacity. It's relatively to replace the batteries in this scooter because of their location. I'm getting more anxious to sell it as Fall approaches, so consider the listed price to be very flexible.

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Re: Help me Find a Bike!


How about some details on what you are thinking of? How far do you need to go, and how fast is the traffic on those roads? Are you looking to pedal a bicycle with an electric motor for assistance, or get a bigger scooter that will do all the work for you? Are you able to get a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license? Do you have a hard limit on what you can spend, or do you just want a good value?

My electric vehicle: CuMoCo C130 scooter.

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Re: Help me Find a Bike!

I live in Phoenix also. Are you looking for an electric bicycle or an electric scooter?

I drove the Xtreme 700li for 18 months. It is a bicycle/scooter hybrid, with no license, registration, or insurance required. 350lb capacity. 20mph to speed.

I have had the Xtreme 4000li for the past 6 months. Fully electric scooter, 50+ mph top end, and license, registration, and insurance required. 3300+ trouble free miles to date. The difference in quality is amazing as the 4000li is solid, smooth, and very well built.

There are no Xtreme or electric scooter dealers in the Phoenix Area that I have found. I believe that Tuscon has an Xtreme dealer.

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